Changes relating to LLC from 1 July 2015

On April 29, 2015, Law no. 87/2015 was published in the Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic. We bring you an overview of the most important changes relating to limited liability companies (s.r.o. companies) with effect from 1 July 2015:

The obligation of returning the performance value provided by contract which did not enter into force in accordance with § 59a is introduced. This value shall be given back to the company with reference to the unjust enrichment principles and guarantee for the returning this value back to the company lies on the members of Statutory board active in time of providing this value and active in time when the company did not set up a claim to return the performance value, and they were aware or should have been aware of this obligation. This guarantee is related to the contracts concluded after 01.07.2015.
Unforgivable obligation of returning the deposit returned to the shareholders back to the company is introduced. The Statutory board is obliged to enforce this obligation.

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